Data drives business operations and has been a critical player in spearheading organizational advancement and innovation. Unfortunately, as the data volume continues to explode, much of it increasingly is fragmented across devices, locations and services. Risk and compliance concerns become a challenge as sensitive data gets spread across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. A lack of visibility and control into these spaces create a greater chance for organizations to fall short on compliance regulations, protection and recovery – not to mention hefty non-compliant fines.

Proactive data management and compliance readiness is more important than ever before as cyber attacks continue to increase. Gain compliance-ready data governance and optimize data protection from a singular platform. The content-aware solution makes it easier to manage all sensitive data, no matter where it is stored, to ensure it meets compliance standards. Your data shouldn’t stand in the way of compliance risks. That’s why we are offering a modern, intelligent solution to compliance and data management.

Compliance and Data Management

MANAGED 24/7/365

Your compliance and data readiness will be managed and supported by trained and certified engineers 24/7/365 in a fully staffed Operations Center, located in Pittsburgh, PA.

stay secure and compliant

A mature state of compliance means extending policy enforcement to structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. Our solutions help organizations stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, NIST and more.

know where your data is

Break down disparate, disconnected data silos with a singular solution that can bring together all data types, no matter where they are located – on-premises, in the cloud or applications.

minimize data search burden

Find, remove, retain and produce personally identifiable information (PII) from all your data locations on demand. Don't let "in the wild data" be the blame for the next big compliance breach.

Search and eDiscovery

By proactively managing and protecting high-value, high-risk data, your organization can eliminate the burden of exporting data for legal review and defensible deletion. All data types and data locations, including structured and unstructured data, are correlated for quick search and eDiscovery requests. High visibility into sensitive data across on-premises and cloud environments helps achieve compliance readiness.

Data Type 1
Store for 60 days
Data Type 2
Store for 1 year
Data Type 3
Store for 7 years

Archive and long-term retention

Data is growing at a significant rate. Many times a large portion of this data is rarely accessed but still must be stored to meet business continuity or compliance requirements. Highly available, secure cloud storage is provided to organizations at a low cost for their long-term retention needs. Tier different data types, based off business value and specific retention periods, to comply with regulations and disaster recovery needs.

Data portability and rapid recovery

Disconnected data sets can be replicated into the cloud for cost-effective storage. When a disaster strikes, the required compute needed is provisioned at that time, saving on infrastructure costs. Recovery of your data environment is completed in the cloud ensuring business continuity and data flexibility.

Data Portability
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