Lost files, system failures, data breaches and service outages – these all can cause costly downtime and permanent data loss. Businesses can’t afford the taxing impact of data disasters, which is why it’s imperative to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Backup-as-a- Service is a cloud-based solution built to eliminate downtime and data loss, as well as reduce the time-consuming nature of daily backup operations. Expert engineers will work as an extension of your internal team – monitoring and managing your data backup environment, 24/7/365, so you can refocus internal staff on revenue-generating projects.

Managed Backup-as-a-Service

MANAGED 24/7/365

Expert engineers will monitor your backup environment and manage backup scheduling, alerting and the testing process, 24/7/365. We continually test your backup and restore environment to ensure completion.


Data is encrypted end-to-end for secure transmission to the cloud. Easily manage data retention and storage needs specifically for certain data types to comply with strict regulations.


Store data backup copies in the cloud, offsite and disconnected from your network, for unparalleled protection from emerging threats, like ransomware, and a seamless path to disaster recovery.


The improved and efficient performance eliminates impact to server and network resources. Testing eliminates backup failure and ensures you can recover when needed.

Compatible with all your data types

Backup-as-a-Service is compatible with all your data types, no matter where they live. A single platform analyzes data from all mission-critical locations to eliminate the need for multiple pin-point solutions that require heavy lifting and management. Disparate, disconnected data silos are removed to make data easily discoverable for backup, recovery, retention and deletion purposes. 

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Data Type 1
Store for 60 days
Data Type 2
Store for 1 year
Data Type 3
Store for 7 years

Long-term retention

Data is growing at a significant rate and many times a significant amount of this data is rarely accessed but must be stored to meet business continuity or compliance requirements. With Backup-as-a-Service, a durable, highly available, secure cloud storage is provided to organizations at a low cost for their long-term retention needs.

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Deployment Options

Customers have the choice of two deployment types. Either store data solely off-site, disconnected from your network in our Iron Mountain Data Center, or store data both locally and off-site at the data center for extra redundancy.

Backup-as-a-Service Deployment Models
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